How to Purchase Anote?

How to purchase Anote?

If you're not patient enough to mine it, you can always purchase Anote using Waves. Simply send Waves to the address bellow and you'll automatically receive your anotes according to the current price. Both address and price can be checked with AnonsRobot too. All your Waves will go towards funding Anonutopia and direct democracy.

Before purchasing Anotes directly from Anonutopia which in fact creates new denominations, you should check offers on Waves Exchange (wallet). This way, you might purchase them cheaper.

How to purchase Waves?

If you don't have any Waves, you can buy them using your credit or debit card inside Waves.Exchange wallet. After purchasing, send them to the address bellow and you will receive your Anotes.

If you have Bitcoin or Ether, you can purchase with them too, just load them to Waves.Exchange wallet and send to the address bellow.


AnonsRobot has a built in calculator command (/calculate). You just send it amount of EUR you're planning to invest and it will return amount of anotes you are going to receive.

Anote Waves Address


Anote QR Code

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