Anonutopia Projects

The point of Anonutopia is to kickstart its own social and commercial projects and provide tools for easier life and organizing Anonutopians, its citizens. Here are some of those tools.


Kriptokuna is our stable coin pegged to Croatian Kuna (HRK), following its value. It's based on Neutrino Protocol and it has annual interest of 10-20%. It's in MVP (Minimum Viable Product) production version and can already be used.

While Anote is a speculative and educational token, Kriptokuna is a serious stable coin ready to be used in real life, store real value and return real annual interest on a daily basis. Read more here.


AnonTaxi is our Open Source Uber / Bolt competitor that uses our currencies as a payment method and will be completely decentralized. It's still heavily under the development. Read more here.