How to Mine Anote?

How to Start Mining Anote?

In order to mine, send, receive and sell / exchange Anote, you need these two applications:

  Telegram Instant Messenger
  Waves Wallet

Once you have these two installed either or your mobile phone or on your computer, simply open one of our Telegram groups - Anonutopia or AnonutopiaBalkan (depending on your location and language) and our friendly Telegram bot AnonsRobot will lead you through the rest of the process. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in one of our Telegram groups.

The process is simple. You get subscribed to AnonShout Telegram channel where we show ads on a daily basis, together with a mining code. After you've seen the add, you call /mine command with AnonsRobot and provide it the daily mining code. And that's it, next day you repeat the process.

You can read more on how to use AnonsRobot here and AnonShout here.

Mining Power

Your mining power depends on your Anonutopia community activity. Basic mining power is 0.02 anotes per hour (A/h) and you get an additional 0.005 A/h for every referred user.

If you add 3 or more users, you become "Miner" and your mining power gets multiplied by 10.

So, for example,if you have 5 referred users, your basic mining power is 0.02 and you add 5 * 0.005 to that. You get 0.045 and since you have more than 3 referred users, it gets multiplied by 10 so your final mining power becomes 0.45 anotes per hour.

You can invite people to Anonutopia by sending them a link or a message that you get if you send "/ref" command to AnonsRobot.

Purchase Mining Power

You can purchase Anote mining power and add it to your basic mining power. Read more about that here.