Black Paper

White knights in shining armour, that's a false narrative. We are the darkness!

Amir Taaki, former Bitcoin developer and revolutionary crypto-anarchist hacker

Anonutopia Black Paper

In crypto-anarchist movement there's a need for a building block of the free society of the future, a tool for self-governing and self-organization of people developing projects on a large scale without the need of third party entity like country or company. Anote aims to be that tool with Anonutopia as a top level decentralized organization watching over the project by using the Anote itself as a tool to do it.

Anonutopia's goal is to create a self-sustainable ecosystem with its own currencies, infrastructure that runs those currencies, built-in user support, community that decides about the project in a democratic manner and incentives for the developers to fullfil the needs of the community.

After that basic goal is reached, we will develop apps and services on our decentralized infrastructure and provide jobs. Apps like Uber (AnonTaxi), AirBnb, delivery app, decentralized software development agency etc.

Development of these projects will be financed by utilizing Anonutopia's first commercial project - AnonShout, a Telegram ads channel network and bot for auctioning ads on that network, using Anote, of course. The process of mining itself is done by watching the ads.

Anonutopia uses mature and well tested technologies and projects. Our main tool for communication and user interface is Telegram Messenger and our cryptocurrency technology is Waves Platform. In the future, we will probably need to create our own versions of those parts of the infrastructure. We use Telegram bots to communicate with Waves blockchain and that makes us almost unstoppable right from the start.

What we're aiming for is a better version of Bitcoin. One that is:

  Ecologically sustainable
  Growing steadily
  Has a built-in support and education
  Has decentralized and independent infrastructure
  Has built-in incentive for development
  Has built-in funding
  Led democratically by the people who use it


Anote is a Waves based cryptocurrency and that solves first three issues we wanted to solve (fast, cheap, ecologically sustainable). It's mined by paying attention to ads published on Telegram channels and that determines your mining power, number of anotes you get in some amount of time.

Tests have shown that lowering mining power to all participants makes the price on the exchanges rise and the other way around. This with the combination of value provided by purchased mining power (AINTs) and ads network channel to generate demand with Anote auctions gives us a simple mechanism for keeping Anote stable and growing steadily.

Anote is an educational cryptocurrency and the main token for paying for apps and services in Anonutopia.

AINT - Anonutopia Infrastructure Token

While Anote's role is paying for services and apps and storing and exchanging value, AINT (Anonutopia Infrastructure Token) has multiple roles:

  Proof of stake token
  Mining power unit
  Speculative token
  Infrastructure token
  Crowdfunding token

Since it's much more complicated ecosystem than Bitcoin, the community will have to have a way to know how much they can trust somebody, for example, person running a node. And since it's also a crowdfunding token, it can only be purchased and it's limited to 144.000. So if somebody purchases it, he will invest in the project and we can expect he will want good for the project. That's proof of stake, in a nutshell.

It's also a mining power unit. You can purchase it and 1 AINT will give you 1 more anote per hour.

Because it's limited to very low amount, it's almost certain it will grow insanely and also fluctuate in price which will make it a good speculative token.

By the principle of PoS (Proof of Stake), every important part of our infrastructure will be maintained and provided exclusively by the people who own AINTs. That makes it an infrastructure token.

Part of AINTs will be used as a crowdfunding token for developing all the tools described here to the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) version, to kickstart development of commercials apps and services and to finish complete and total decentralization. At this point, we're half way there. You can read more on AINTs distribution lower in the paper.


AnonShout is Anonutopia's built in Telegram channel network for serving ads. Currently it has only one channel, but it will be expanded by countries, interests etc. Ads on AnonShout are purchased through auctions done with anotes and this creates a deflation in the system. Watching ads on the channel rewards the miners with anotes.

Telegram channels are a great and cheap way of advertising. But they currently have an issue of connecting advertisers with channel owners. AnonShout aims to resolve this issue too. Its Telegram bot will provide channel owners with a feature to add their channel into network and advertisers will get a single point of advertising on a large network of channels. This has a potential to generate a huge demand on the Anote.


AnonHelper is a built-in user support system for Anonutopia and everything connected to it. It has a Telegram group of people willing to help other people and its own bot. If somebody needs help, he asks for it and bot will send a notification in the group. Anybody in the group can take over the conversation and if user on the other side is satisfied, helper will be rewarded with anotes.

AnonHelper bot will also have automated tutorials and challenges that will be rewarded with anotes for educational purposes and it can be used commercially right from the start to provide simple customer support for the companies.


AnonCMS is a built-in tool for maintaining all Anonutopia websites utilizing Telegram and GitHub. It has a Telegram group of webmasters willing to do simple tasks for anotes and its own Telegram bot. When developers or community request a change on one of the websites, bot will send a notification to the group, one of webmasters will accept it, resolve it with GitHub pull request and if community accepts it, he will be rewarded with anotes.

This service will also automatically be offered commercially too, for simple website maintenance.


This is a built-in system for Anonutopia development. It also has a bot of its own and when community decides they want some feature implemented, the bot will notify the Telegram group of developers, one of them will accept it, resolve it and if community accepts GitHub pull request, the developer will be rewarded with some amount of anotes.

This service might grow into self-sustainable decentralized software development agency.


Since buying and selling cryptocurrencies for "real" money is currently still an issue, AnonExchange aims to resolve it. It will be a built in decentralized exchange where anybody will be able to make a request for exchange for his local bank account and Telegram bot will notify a group of people working with the exchange who will resolve the trade for them. These will be trusted people and this is where AINT comes in particularly handy as a proof of stake token.

This will have to be a "side job" because we'll have to keep amounts low in order not to alert the banks since they've proven that they don't like cryptocurrencies. However, this is perfectly legal.

Telegram and GitHub

Telegram and GitHub are heavily used in Anonutopia. Telegram is used through a network of chat bots, groups and channels and particularly for communication, discussions and direct democracy.

GitHub is used for storing all our Open Source code and our websites and it's deeply integrated with some of our services like AnonCMS and AnonDevs.

At some point, it might be good to put those parts of our infrastructure under our control too, to create a decentralized version of GitHub of our own and fork Waves and Telegram in a community versions.


Anote is a payment cryptocurrency, but also an educational token. One of its purposes is to educate its users about stablecoins like Neutrino and the fact that they can get 10-20% of annual interest on their money, paid daily. Using AnonExchange, Anonutopia will also make it easier to exchange fiat to stablecoins and the other way around and it will provide a Telegram bot for easier loading to most popular crypto debit cards.

Token Mechanics

For token distribution details, please check transparency page. This part is about the mechanics and algorithms of Anote and AINT.

Anote is simple, it is mined in more than one way and we're planning to do so forever, only mining power will change. That's why it can be reissued. However, that doesn't mean somebody can just take those anotes. There are rules for anote distribution and those rules are determined and secured by the network and smart contracts. Its price is programmed to be stable and grow steadily by the mechanisms described in Anote part of this document.

AINT on the other hand is premined and limited to 144 thousands, with 8 decimal places and this is how we distribute it:

  1.000 AINTs for regular mining users
  3.000 AINTs for core crowdfunding
  40.000 AINTs for apps crowdfunding
  100.000 AINTs for Anote stabilization

First tier will be left aside for regular mininig users. In the future, every user will need to have at least 0.00000001 AINT in order to withdraw his or her anotes. Second tier is for crowdfunding tools described in this paper. Third tier is for funding apps that will provide jobs and economy and last tier is self-explanatory.

If you want to see details about how AINT price is calculated and what's the current price, you can get that information on the AINT page.

Pragmatic, Somewhere in the Balkans, 20.10.2020.