Apply for Citizenship

Follow these simple steps to apply for citizenship in Anonutopia.

1. Register Anonutopia Wallet

Register a new Anonutopia wallet here.

2. Purchase and hold 1,000 Anote

Make a deposit in Bitcoin, Ether or Waves into your wallet and exchange it for Anote.

3. Apply for citizenship

Click the "Settings" button in your wallet, fill in the form and apply for citizenship.

Alternatives: If you don't have cryptocurrencies

If you don't have any cryptocurrencies, you can stay in "Applicant" status. However, there are currently two more ways to become a citizen:

  Get 10 other people to become applicants with verified emails using your referral link
  Enlist in Anonutopia's dark army - Anonymous (revealing soon)

Once cryptocountries become fully functional and we work out a way to verify people in a decentralized manner, it will be possible to become a citizen for free or almost free.