How to Use AnoteRobot?

AnoteRobot Tutorial

AnoteRobot is a Telegram bot and main tool for Anonutopia and Anote administration. For now it's mainly used for mining anotes. You use it by chatting with it, as with any other user and providing it with commands that start with "/" sign, like /register, /mine, /status and similar. You can use it in our Telegram groups or in private messages which is a preferred way. These are currently available commands:


This command is used to register with Anonutopia and Anote network. You provide it with your Waves wallet address and you're registered and get a "Dissident" status.


Info command provides general information on Anote, like price, total mining power on the network etc.


This command returns Anote's Waves address and QR code for that address for purchasing purposes.


Provides you with your Anonutopia and Anote status, your mining power, referral link and other info.


This command is used every day to restart the mining cycle. You provide it with mining code from AnonShout channel as a proof that you've seen the ad.


Withdraw commands sends your mined anotes to your Waves wallet. You need to be registered and you can withdraw only once in 24 hours.


This command informs you how much Anotes you'll get for some amount of Waves if you purchase.


This command informs you about the currently highest bid for ad on AnonShout channel for tomorrow.


Allows you to edit your AnonShout ad message and link.


Use this command to setup your Anonutopia / Anote nickname.


Shows your referring message and links.


See the list of your referred users team.