What is Anote?

Anote Crypto Currency

Anote crypto currency is a Waves based crypto token that can be mined, sent, received, exchanged or sold and used right from the start to purchase ads on our Telegram ad channel - AnonShout. This is also what gives it value right away because you can only purchase ads on AnonShout by using anotes. You can read more about AnonShout here. Anote uses these two apps for mining and wallet:

  Telegram Instant Messenger
  Waves Wallet

It will be expanded with new ways to spend it, it's not just mining and marketing, it's also an educational token with a mission to educate people how to use crypto (send, receive, exchange, ...) and to show them projects like Neutrino in order to democratize monetary systems and break the banking monopoly. It's designed to bring crypto to ordinary people.

It is also a main currency of Anonutopia, smart contract country.

Anote Referral System

Anote has a referral that is used to build a web of trust, but you can also earn with it. You can invite people to Anonutopia by sending them a link or a message that you get if you send "/ref" command to AnoteRobot.

You can read more about referral system and mining in our mining tutorial.

Compared to PI

Anote is a Waves based token, similar to PI, but with few major differences:

  it's a Waves token so it's fully functional right away - you can send it, receive it, exchange it etc.
  it's mined by subscribing to our Telegram ad channels and that's what gives it value right away
  it uses Telegram and Waves wallet which are both mature projects so you can be sure nobody is spying

Anote / Anonutopia Status Tags

When you register with Anonutopia and start mining and being part of the community, you can get one of these status tags:


If you don't register your Waves address, you're a "Guest", otherwise you're a "Dissident". But if you start mining, you become "Pioneer". However, if you add more than 3 people to Anonutopia, you become a "Miner" and your mining power gets multiplied by 10.

You can read more about referral system and mining in our mining tutorial.