What is Anote?

About Anote

Anote is a standard and transparent Waves token which has more than one function:

  Our main (crypto) currency
  Decentralized stable coin
  Building block for our dapps

How to Make Profit with Anote?

There are three simple ways to make profit with Anote:


When you purchase anotes, one part of the deposit goes to existing holders with a Founder badge (you can read more about badges here). You make money in the same way after you bought it just by holding it - new purchases earn for you.

You can also earn by referring other users and if they purchase anotes at any point, you get 20%. This is not limited just to first purchase, it stays like that forever.

Anote programmatically grows its price when new tokens are generated and purchased. This provides you with an investment opportunity to buy it, hold it for some time and then sell it for profit.

Anote's Price Math

Anote's price is programmed and highly controlled. The starting price is 0.01 EUR. After that, it's steeply going up in tiers of 1 thousand denominations. Every time 1,000 (1 thousand) anotes are sold, the price goes up for a price factor.

Starting price factor is 0.0021 EUR and it's getting lower by 0.0001 every 1,000,000 (1 million) anotes sold (every thousand price tiers). This happens until it reaches its final level of 0.001 EUR.

How Does It Work?

Anote can be purchased through our wallet with Waves, Bitcoin and Ether. Every time somebody does a purchase, half of the deposit goes to addresses with founder badge (read more about badges here) and the other half goes to Anonutopia's direct democracy fund.

We will not use this fund for universal basic income payouts, but instead to develop applications, products and services that will make Anonutopia a profitable entity. Once we are profitable, we will use the profit for both growth and universal basic income.

Anote Price

Current Anote Price

0.07300000 EUR