How to Claim 1 Free Anote?

Airdrop is a free distribution of small amounts of a certain virtual currency tokens to its community members either for free or for performing small tasks. We are currently giving away 2 anotes per person and you need Anonutopia wallet for both of them. This is how you can take part in Anote airdrop:

1. Register Anonutopia Wallet

Register a new Anonutopia wallet here.

2. Apply for citizenship in Anonutopia

This is how you get your first free anote.

Click Settings button in your wallet and apply for citizenship in Anonutopia. After you verify your email address, you will receive your free anote.

3. Ask Our Friendly Bot for It

This is the way to get your second free anote.

a) Join Our Telegram Group - Anonutopia

If you don't already have Telegram you can get it here.

Register with the app and then join Anonutopia group:

b) Ask AnonsRobot for 1 Free Anote

Copy your wallet address and then use it with our friendly robot to get your free Anote like shown below. Of course, instead of our address (3PLJQASFXtiohqbirYwSswjjbYGLfaGDEQy), you should use yours.

/[email protected] 3PLJQASFXtiohqbirYwSswjjbYGLfaGDEQy

4. Share Your Referral Link

Remember to share your referral link on social networks. When ever somebody new registers with your link, you get 20% (0.2 Anote). If they purchase Anote, you also get 20%. You can access your referral link by selecting "Profit" page in your wallet's menu.