What is AINT Token?

AINT Crypto Currency

AINT crypto currency is a Waves based crypto token that can be purchased, sent, received, exchanged or sold and used as a mining power unit for Anote. AINT stands for Anonutopia Infrastructure Token.

There are 144,000.00 AINTs and they can not be reissued.

AINT initial selling price is calculated using Anote price from the exchanges in a way that ROI (Return On Investment) goes around 100% per year. Of course, this will be much more, because Anote price is definitely going to rise for quite some time. So the formula would be - Anote price * 24 * 365.

After purchasing, AINT is automatically added to your basic Anote mining power in 1:1 ratio. 1.0 AINT = 1 Anote per hour.

Down the road, AINT will be used as a PoS (Proof of Stake) token for Anonutopia nodes and desktop miners.

How to purchase AINT?

To purchase AINTs, simply send Waves to the address bellow and you'll automatically receive your AINTs according to the current price which can be checked with AnonsRobot by using /info command. All your Waves will go towards funding Anonutopia and direct democracy.

If you don't have any Waves, you can buy them using your credit or debit card inside Waves.Exchange wallet.

If you have Bitcoin or Ether, you can purchase with them too, just load them to Waves.Exchange wallet and send to the address bellow.

AINT Waves Address



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