All About Anonutopia

Anonutopia is a smart contract based decentralized Internet country (or crypto-country) with its own cryptocurrencies, universal basic income, ATM network, taxi app, housing app and other similar Open Source applications.

In a reality, it's a suit of Open Source tools, cryptocurrencies and applications for managing a large group of people with common interests in a democratic manner.

Basic Idea

The idea is to gather a group of like-minded people and create tools for managing a direct democracy entity / country with its own banking and monetary system - Anonutopia. After that basic level of independence is reached, the citizens of Anonutopia will democratically decide on best ways to reach profitability which would then provide them with the means for universal basic income and further growth and development.

Phases / Timeline

Our plan is very modular and split into small pieces and steps. So far we have finished developing stable cryptocurrencies, wallets, websites and other necessary resources to start a crowdfunding campaign. Since crowdfunding is a core of our plan and it's never stopping, we're starting our attempts to reach profitability simultaneously with crowdfunding. These are the phases of our plan:

  Develop wallet and stable cryptocurrencies
  Reach basic crowdfunding goal
  Decide democratically on ways to reach profitability
  Reach profitability
  Universal basic income
  Next steps - growth and developing social and other services and apps

Ideals and Goals

When we said that we want to gather like-minded people, these are the ideals that we had in mind:

  Positive thinking

Ideas for Projects, Apps and Services

We utilise projects, applications and services in two ways: to make profit off of them (for basic income purposes) and to provide them cheaper or in a more accessible way to our citizens. These are the ideas we had so far:

  AnonTaxi - our Uber competitor
  Housing app as Airbnb competitor
  Cryptocurrency exchange
  ATM network
  AnonFest - music and arts festival and annual meeting of Anonutopians
  Our own email / instant messenger solution
  Our own Open Source CMS and website management service
  Local foods app
  Crowdfunded camping spaces
  Crowdfunded caffe bar franchise
  Crowdfunded medical clinic
  Crowdfunded daycare
  Crowdfunded software agency
  Crowdfunded solar power plant
  Crowdfunded wind turbine power plant
  Crowdfunded cyptocurrency mining rig


Who needs territory if you get 1-2 thousand euros per month for doing exactly nothing? This is what we're going for. But after we've reached this, Anonutopia can freely buy properties around the world and since we started from Croatia and Serbia, there are always poor and devastated Balkan countries to test-drive our tools with real countries and help them flourish.

Why not make this a crowdfunding project for direct democracy in Balkan countries? Why not make Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina vacation countries for Anonutopians from all over the world? We don't think beautiful Balkan countries would mind if they suddenly got a few million new citizens from around the world.

It's up to you to decide. After all, this is a free democratic country!

Apply for citizenship now, join us and let's build a better future together!