Smart Contract Country

Because blockchain's killer app is a smart contract based decentralized Internet country with its own cryptocurrencies, universal basic income, ATM network, taxi app, housing app and similar Open Source applications.

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Our Plan

Gather the Opressed

Gather the opressed of the world anonymously in the cloud using the unstoppable blockchain technology.

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Serve the People

We will do what we were made to do by serving those beneath us, we will use our knowledge to help the ones in need.

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Unleash the Humanity

After establishing peace, love and freedom the humanity will reach the state it was meant to reach - the divine state.

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Fund Direct Democracy

By purchasing ANOTE you're in fact crowdfunding a pure direct democracy project - Anonutopia. We will use this money to:

Attract more citizens

Bootstrap social projects

Bootstrap commercial projects

Help Balkan countries test-drive direct democracy