Smart Contract Country

Because blockchain's killer app is a smart contract based decentralized Internet country with its own cryptocurrencies, universal basic income, ATM network, taxi app, housing app and similar Open Source applications.

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Our Plan

Develop Stable Coin (✔)

We have developed our own stable cryptocurrency and independent international banking system.

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Develop Apps and Services

Anonutopia will have its own infrastructure, apps and projects in order to make profit.

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Provide Basic Income

All profit Anonutopia makes will be used to provide universal basic income to its citizens - Anonutopians.

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Make Profit in Anonutopia

Anonutopia is an anonymous and decentralized Internet entity. As such, it can't provide all the services it needs to provide without any external help from individuals and companies. And because of this fact, there are numerous opportunities to earn cryptocurrencies and make profit with Anonutopia:

Become Anote holder

Run AnonOracle

Become Anonutopia Bankster

Become Anonutopia Gateway

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Recent Anonutopia News

  • Pragmatic
  • September 19, 22:18

Anonutopia crowdfunding campaign has started

Today we started first phase in our crowdfunding campaing to fund Anonutopia and its projects.

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  • Pragmatic
  • September 10, 10:12

Anonutopia MVP is finished (wallet and currencies)

We have finished first MVP versions of Anonutopia wallet and cryptocurrencies - Anote and crypto fiat equivalents.

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  • Pragmatic
  • September 4, 21:32

Serbian Anonymous has joined Anonutopia

Serbian Anonymous, a hacktivist group from Serbia today announced that they are joining Anonutopia project.

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Claim Your 1 Free Anote

In order to claim your free Anote, join our Telegram group and ask our friendly bot for it.
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Fund Direct Democracy

By purchasing Anote you're in fact crowdfunding a pure direct democracy project - Anonutopia. We will use this money to:

Attract more citizens

Build ATM network

Bootstrap commercial projects

Help Balkan countries test-drive direct democracy

Read more about our crowdfunding campaign here.