Cloud Empire

We're a group of people from all around the globe building Open Source society based on freedom, crypto-anarchism, direct democracy and meritocracy. We're gathered around Anote cryptocurrency, the building block of future society.

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Our Plan

Gather the People

Gather likeminded people around a cool new cryptocurrency called Anote and teach them how to use it.

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Kickstart the Economy

Use Anote to kickstart projects like AnonShout (ad Telegram channel) and similar to kickstart Anote economy.

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Provide the Alternative

Provide the alternative to current countries, banking and monetary systems and economy in general.

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Claim Your 1 Free Anote

In order to claim your free Anote, join our Telegram group and ask our friendly bot for it.
Click the button bellow to find out more!

Claim 1 Free Anote

Start Mining Anote

Mining Anote is very simple, you just need Telegram Messenger and follow these simple steps to start earning money:

Install Telegram Messenger on phone or desktop

Open AnonsRobot, our friendly bot

Clict "start" button

Follow the instructions from AnonsRobot